Why Do You Need A Bass Guitar Case?

Did you listen to your iPod today? Listened to your favorite music? Now you want to play it on your piano. Unfortunately, you can’t find any free sheet music on the Web. So, what are you going to do? That’s the common predicament of a confused pianist who for the first time realizes he or she can’t play anything without sheet music. Now the question is how to solve the problem. The answer is by playing the piano with your hearing, playing by ear.

Since it comes easy to sequence your drum parts on one track, we tend to leave it as is and end up having a weak sound as a result. Just because it sounds good in your studio doesn’t mean it going to produce a big sound in the end.

Lots of ansambel have hearing problems caused by the amplifiers that make music so impressive at concerts. The big sounds of rock bands are truly deafening, especially to the folks onstage. And the enormous speakers pumping music out to the audiences are really a danger to all ears in the audience.

The trick is to give each drum part two separate tracks and record them in stereo. For example when recording the hi-hat, record it on two separate tracks and pan the tracks left and right. The same with all the other parts; the bass drum, snare, toms and cymbals. Now you have ten or more tracks of just the drums, you then adjust the levels accordingly and dub the tracks to the final left and right tracks. This should give you a prominent drum sound on which you can build the rest of your song. The drums are the driving rhythm force of your song, so don’t hesitate to give them a good sound level.

Industry standard recordings are always done in 44.1 kHZ, 16 bit, stereo. On a computer this is usually in the form of a.wav file. So look for these abilities when you are selecting a great beat makinf software package.

This variety of hearing loss is “sensorineural” or nerve damage from noise resulting in serious hearing loss. It can vary in seriousness and maybe result in out-and-out deafness.

Anyone can play any instrument if they learn how to read music or listen to the notes. It takes some practice, but there are tricks that seem fussy such as keeping good posture, but it looks better to the audience and can even help the pianist.