Twitter Tip – Etiquette For Follow Friday (#Ff)

2–Create a Facebook Business Page-this is separate from a profile page. This allows you to put your business on Facebook -where 600 million people spend upwards of 500 billion minutes a month!

If you think something could be misconstrued or if you wouldnt want a prospective client to read it dont post it! Theyll surely find it, which may be the reason they hire your competitor rather than you.

So onto the techniques. (1) Think about who you want your followers to be – like with any other idea, you need to have some sort of a plan. If you’re looking to sell, I dunno, landscaping services, it would help to target homeowners and gardeners, yes? And in your area, right? You might get John from Cincinnatti but unless you’re in the Cincinnatti area, forget it. John may be wonderful, but his following you is of little help to you. Social Media Today’s suggestion is to go after directories like We Follow. Agreed — and possibly also go after local groups of people. As in, put your change twitter handle on your business cards. You’re mainly going to be handing those to local folk, so there’s a match there.

Show a genuine interest in what people are doing and saying and take the time to build relationships just as you would with any face-to-face interaction. People are more likely to recommend you, share your information with their network, or do business with you if they know, like and trust you.

Sprouter facilitates networking and collaboration between entrepreneurs globally. Providing a platform for users to connect with other innovators, entrepreneurs can expand their networks to include fellow entrepreneurs and startups with similar interests and goals. By answering the question “What are you working on?” in 140 characters or less entrepreneurs can discover and join events in their local areas, start discussions and follow topics of relevance to their business.

So who am I seeing? Well it’s complicated. There are few. LinkedIn seems to really meet my needs. And change twitter handle gives me instant gratification. And there’s a few blogs too, that I really value. I’m not committed to any one thing. You know that’s not my style. But this thing with you has got to take a serious break. It’s going nowhere. Call me selfish, but you do not bring me any traffic for time involved. It’s just freaking frustrating. In the past I’ve been on the down low about all of this, but I feel it’s my responsibility to tell my other friends, especially other startups and entrepreneurs. No one or business person should ever feel guilt about not being immersed or active in Facebook. When you are running a business, you must spend your time on things that matter and make a difference.

Create a great Twitter bio. One of the key factors in whether or not people decide to follow you is the quality of the information in your bio. If you have a relevant website, be sure to include the URL. You only have 160 chracters, as opposed to the 140 allowed in tweets, so use them well.

Your home based business opportunity has a greater chance to flourish as you become more accessible. Use the above channels as multiple points of contact to prosper through.