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The Carolina Panthers were supposed to be riding a wave of confidence after finishing last season on a roll by winning four in a row and five of their last six. Sadly, they reverted back to when they struggled dropping a 12-7 heartbreaker to the Seattle Seahawks at Bank of America Stadium on Sunday. Of their last ten losses, eight have come by a touchdown or less.

So, the Democrats win control of Congress and before it’s even official, Donny Rumsfailed turns tail and run rather that be forced to face questions from Congressmen who-unlike John Boehner-actually have some experience with Air Force service. Yes, I think we all know the real reason Donny Boy Rumsfailed is resigning despite still having Bush’s backing and despite apparently believing that saying you have a strategy for victory is the same thing as actually having a strategy for victory.

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It’s being reported that Ryan will need 3-4 weeks to recover from the strain, but you know if the Falcons had made the Super Bowl they would have found a way to get the Veteran passer on the field.

All traditional types of fuel will be made redundant. Oil, gas, electricity and nuclear power will be replaced with a zero-point-energy source hidden from humanity for so long.

The bullpen has seen considerable turnover in recent weeks. There is no defined closer, though Kam Mickolio (3-4, 4.97, six saves) has the most experience. The Aces did receive Double-A Mobile closer Mike DeMark (3-2, 1.85, 15 saves) for the playoffs.

After the attack, Finn received first aid and returned to his post anticipating a second attack. Finn was hospitalized for his wounds the next afternoon.

Though he is no longer living, I believe that dad quietly watches over me and softly visits in the backdrop of my life, showing me the way when I need a guide or perhaps – he is my guardian angel hiding nearby.