Seize The Day For God

If you’re one of those who makes it a point to observe lent, you know that in just a few weeks, you’ll have to spend some of your instant cash loans again to get on your holiday getaway. These loans are very easy to apply for and they are ideal to spend on a meaningful vacation like a retreat. But if you’re not up for this kind of activity, there are also other ways to spend your Lenten season – family travel, pilgrimage, etc.

In addition to this, Camping “cannot produce from the Bible one single verse that actually teaches his view that there will come a time when ‘true’ or ‘spiritually minded’ Christian apologetics ought to abandon their local churches . . .” (p. 11, Duncan and Talbot). Of course, there is the oft-quoted statement of Jesus: “Now concerning that day and hour no one knows-neither the angels in heaven, nor the Son-except the Father only” (Matt 24:36). Simply beware of those who claim to know the day of Christ’s return or who ask you to forsake other believers so as to follow the “one who knows the actual truth,” and, above all, read your bible. Be like the Bereans who “examined the Scriptures daily to see if these things were so” (Acts 17:11b).

If you want to get lost in the magic of Disney, this is a movie you will enjoy. I admit that I approached it with skepticism, but following a captivating AC review I decided it was worth a shot. It was charming, funny, and other worldly. Pure, enjoyable escapism. If you didn’t give Enchanted a chance, consider it for a family movie. Not only will the kids love it, but you will enjoy it, too.

For those interested in the spiritual side of Christmas, who desire to celebrate the birth and death of God’s Son to give eternal life to believers, one can celebrate Christmas 2009 in Cincinnati, Ohio, at the Creation Museum in nearby Petersburg, Kentucky or at a variety of Cincinnati area churches.

Sacrifice. Sacrificing something that you really love is a good way to show our Lord that you are one with Him and the rest of the proof for God community. It does not have to be a major sacrifice. It can be as simple as giving up chocolates , shopping, or going to the parlor.

We feel entitled with our finances. Even when we’ve allowed ourselves to get into serious debt (that we agreed to pay back), we still manage to convince ourselves that we have a right to spend our paychecks as we see fit. We are often willing to delay paying a bill just to satisfy a temporary desire.

We get to bring one thing into the world… we get to bring us. Yes, we are born into social strictures, with familial beliefs, and societal ideologies, but even so, somewhere deep inside, we are given a profound connection to “who we are.” Most of us haven’t spent a lot of time cultivating that connection, and getting to know us, but if we did, we’d discover a wealth of power: The power to love, the power to create, and ultimately, the power to use compassion to make the world around us a better place to live.