Roulette Odds – What Is The Best For Roulette Betting?

If you want to win at roulette, you have to not play random numbers and instead implement a consistent roulette betting strategy. Roulette is a simple game, however there are several types of bets that must be kept in mind. Having a roulette betting strategy will dramatically increase your odds of a big win at roulette!

The American roulette is known for its two zero slots. These zeroes in addition to the numbers 1, 2, and 3 makes the popular basket bet. For whatever reason, never allow yourself to get carried away by its popularity. It has a very high house advantage at 7.89%. Despite this, it only pays 11 to 1, making it a rather risky bet for a small payout and thus should be avoided whenever you find yourself in a casino that offers no more than American Roulette Strategy.

Stick to bets whose odds are near to their payouts, like betting on Odd, Even, Low, High, Red or Black. These even money bets pay 1:1 and your odds of winning are 45%.

It’s pretty easy to learn the rules of roulette and get the hang of the casino game. Likewise, it is very easy to get an in depth knowledge of roulette and join the ranks of players with advanced skill. As you probably know, the learning process doesn’t end there. Both expert and novice have to keep learning about the game, lest they commit fatal mistakes resulting from mere lack of knowledge.

In double zero roulette games, the house has a 5.26% edge. Always avoid double zero Roulette Strategy tables whenever you can. Ideally, choose places which offer either single zero, or European-style roulette tables.

These are the bets that have the highest probable rate of winning. They are called even money bets. They have 47.5% chance of winning. So any prudent and wise player will wager on bets that gives the highest shot for a win. Do you know that single number bet that pays 35 for every one dollar has chances of only 2.5%? Players must shy away from bets offering high payout, there are hard to come by anyway.

Don’t let Emotions take over. I have seen it happen a lot in the past where a player will start losing and try and change their strategy. Just follow the strategy and try and have fun with it. As long as you have a good Roulette system and staking plan in place you have a much better chance of overcoming the losing streaks and winning again. When you let emotions take over you usually end up increasing bets, chasing losses, forgetting about your system and then the worst usually happens. You lose your entire bankroll.