Presentation Skills: Become A Better And More Confident Speaker

It always amazes me how many people fret to a fright over giving a presentation to colleagues, customers, or even to a single client only to realize that their own negative self-talk and lack of preparation is their worst enemy.

Plus, it’s easier today than ever before to learn these skills. You don’t have to wait for your boss to approve a class or seminar. You don’t have to hold off. You can take charge of your learning-and of your future.

We always recommend a positive approach to your presentations, even if you are giving bad news – maybe especially if you are. Your conclusion is the most powerful point in your talk to get the audience members to do what you would like them to. Give them a specific action, so they can get on board, as well as perhaps a positive quote, saying or colourful phrase appropriate to the group.

By focusing on whiteboard interaction plus slide impact, you will radically boost results. No matter what your topic, this is a mark of highly presentation skill classes.

14. Watch out for the “take home trap”. Because it’s nothing to do with facing people directly we tend to put off our report writing and end up taking it home. To avoid this trap select a day and time slot in the diary and budget, say, two hours for writing the report. Do whatever it takes to meet this time limit.

But if you just try to work harder you could end up stressed out. Consider the downside: you will work yourself to the bone but not achieve your goals. Sound familiar?

Use this 5-part system to simplify presenting. When you give engage participants with a lively exchange, you’ll see how easy it is to attract new customers.