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Justin and Selena’s breakup has not been cut and dry, as just one day earlier, on Nov. 11, the two were spotted enjoying a romantic meal together at Morandi’s in the West Village.

Mass Messaging & Broadcasting – This is the action of sending your como comprar curtidas no instagram likes a type of mass alert or broadcast. This is all about leverage, this is when you educate them and add value to their lives. Adding more trust to who you are and breaking the credibility-gap…

Since the Philippines has weather that is reminiscent of summer all year long, be sure to throw a bathing suit into your suitcase. Almost every hotel in Manila has incorporated luxurious swimming pools that you will definitely want to make use of. There are also many beaches that are just a 3 hour drive from Manila that would be worthwhile to check out. With that said, you probably already guessed that packing a tube of sunblock should be next on your list of things to pack.

For The Shoppaholic: Head over to Sophia’s blog now for details of her June 6th Sydney shopping spree. You know you’ve found a blogger who understands you when she admits that she’s been too busy buying clothes to blog I’ve only now caught up to all my instagram likes posts and got to shoot all my purchases she writes!

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This unique idea has generated Jason a tidy income for 2009 which is a little over $70,000. The New Year looks to be well on its way to being very successful with the 2010 calendar already filled until the first part of July. Many business owners use tee-shirts to promote their business so Jason will have many potential customers for his service. The I Wear Your Shirt Brand is becoming increasingly more popular and gaining more name recognition in the social media circles with each passing day. Each new day will bring an exciting product or service tee shirt that Jason and Alex will expose to their instagram likes. This is the key to Branding your name, product or service is to create a buzz and Jason is creating quite a buzz..

The number of consecutive quarters that Mac growth has outpaced PC growth. With the rise of iPhone and iPad, and the increasingly tight integration between iOS and Mac OS, expect PC growth to *never* surpass Mac growth. Expect “PC” sales to never surpass Apple-only personal computer sales (iPad, iPhone and Mac — which all range in price from $350 to over $2,000).

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