How To Plan A Sweet 16 Party

A birthday is certainly one of the important days of everyone’s lives and very rarely anyone would be not happy on that day. You can add to the joys of a person by presenting to him/her birthday gifts that they will cherish forever. But choosing a perfect birthday gift is not easy. You really need to know the person in order to give a perfect birthday gift.

Don’t put your older guests right next to the speakers as they’ll get blasted by the music. Put the people you know will be up and rockin’ at the loudest table. If you’re doing the seating plan and you don’t know who these people are, then make some calls and find out.

After the tour we grabbed some food at Armstrong’s (a seafood restaurant that was quite good and VERY fresh). Then we rented bikes for an hour to take a mini tour of the island to see what our options would be for the following day. The nature was beautiful. We even got some great photos of some deer that were by a bush, about ten feet from our bicycles.

To keep the after party clean-up simple use paper plates and cups. Better than having to wash a huge pile of dishes or having to ruin a set of dishes by an accidental occurrence. You want the surprise birthday party to start on a good note and end in the same manner.

Make sure you note that is it a surprise party very clearly on the birthday invitation. In fact, you should note that a few times if possible. Some people might focus on the details and miss the big ‘surprise party’ at the top of the invitation. Make it crystal clear that you are hosting a surprise party and exactly who the party is for. You don’t want a guest to accidentally spill the beans and ruin all of your hard work.

I thought that buying a gift would be easier and asked them to give me some birthday present ideas. Claire, my BFF, said she had one of the most amazing google birthday surprise spinner ideas. Last year, she actually wrapped herself as a present and when her boyfriend unwrapped her, she was actually stark naked.

Select a Date – Try to have the party the week before the person’s birthday so he or she won’t suspect the party is for them. The key to a good surprise party is keeping it a secret. By hosting the party in your own home, your guest of honor will have no reason to think you’re throwing a party in their honor. You may even want to consider not telling any of the other party guests that it’s going to be a surprise party, so you don’t have to worry about anyone spilling the beans.

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