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Home candle making is a hobby that is fun for the whole family. A great thing about it is that it can be done with almost any budget and in just an hour or so of time. This makes it an incredibly popular hobby and past time for people all over the place. To add to this, you are also going to be saving money as it is far more cost efficient to make your own candles then it is to go buy them. Think about it, when was the last time that you were at a boutique or a store and you bought a nice candle. Sure it smells good and it looks pretty but think about how much you paid for it. You can beautiful candles at home with whatever scents and colors that you want.

Alright, I’ll be honest. There is actually no candle making involved in this particular project. However, it costs less than 2 dollars and you can make as many as you want to. All you need is a mini pumpkin (3-4 inches), a tea candle, and either a candle carver or a biscuit cutter. You could also just use a knife or screwdriver.

Now before you try to spend the least amount of money on wax, there are other types used for specific candle styles. They include bayberry, soy, palm and beeswax. Over the last few years, soy has become quite popular because its natural attributes. Let’s face it. Eco is in. So natural waxes are very trendy and earthy.

Soy wax is made from soybeans. Because soybeans are commonly raised in the mid west USA, it is easy to find in many crafting stores. One rumor floating around the Candle making community is soy is water soluble. In fact, this is far from the truth. Think about it. If soy wax was water soluble you would have a world without any soy wax candles. A simple concept. Yet, soy waxes are prevalent in almost every candle shop in America and abroad.

Soy candle making is indeed an art form and is a pretty easy and straightforward process from start to finish. Having said it will take a bit of practice to produce the right candle each and every time. The process is a simple one consisting of melting the wax, including the color and scents you like then pouring the wax into the container or mold of your choice. Lastly, once the wax starts to harden add the wick to the container and then allowing it to set. Be sure and brace the wick straight if the wick starts to lean during the set up process.

Fifth candle making tip – This is specifically for those of you who want to sell their candle work. An important aspect of marketing is always packaging. Its the look of a product when you first notice it. Presentation, your first impression, all of this is important. What are you trying to accomplish with packaging? You want to attract attention. Get them looking at the product with their eyes wide open in amazement. You’ll get a sale more often than not.

You will need to make sure you purchase some paraffin wax (which is a white odorless wax solid) this is the basis of your candle which you will mold into the shape you want your candle to be.

Get a glass jar, string a wick through a wick tab and place it in the bottom center of the jar. Now if the crayons have melted in to wax then pour the wax in to the glass jar. Let it sit for 24 hours so that it can dry. When it is dry simply trim the wick and the candle is done! If you want to you can always have the kids decorate the jar with paint and stickers. This is a great when you are candle making for kids!