How Short Sales Work.

Are you struggling to close a sales deal? Many people say that the sales profession is a number game. The more calls you make, the more meetings you generate and the more sales you will close. On the hand, I think that closing a sales deal is more than a simple number game. It is an art! I have met a millionaire salesperson who told me that his sales closing rate was 100%. Was he lying? I thought so in the first place but definitely realized that I was wrong after experiencing his sales closing technique in real life.

I got more surprised when she passed a smile to me and kept aside all her work. She even kept her phone on the busy mode and was listening to me calmly. I grabbed the opportunity and used it to the fullest to describe my closing the sale, while she was still smiling and looking into my eyes. After a while one of her subordinates entered the room who happened to be an attractive lady in her twenties. Though she had come to discuss some matters with her manager, but through out the time she was staring me with a smile on her face. On the other hand, I could notice that the manager was getting irritated, as she didn’t like the interruption. She got more annoyed when the lady kept repeating her questions, continuously looking at me. The whole thing became a matter of challenge to win this sales guy.

Learn to listen! Listen carefully to everything your client says. If you’re attentive to the details you will be amazed about the value of information he is preliminary to closing the deal offering to you. Often clients list the pros and cons of a product or service without asking them.

Welcoming the employee. A good idea after the deal is signed is to take this employee out for a celebration dinner. The hardest thing for an employee is trying to get comfortable with a new organization. This will also allow you to build a relationship with the employee on a more personal basis.

Your promptness and understanding, may very well bring your client back to you, after they are ready. Let it simmer for a month or so, then give your client a follow-up phone call. The client will appreciate that you did this and did not pressure them and perhaps in the future, go forward after all, with you and your company.

On the D-day: Ensure that you reach the venue well in time. Check out the place before if you are going there for the first time. You have your papers in place and all you need to do is to cool down. Too much anxiety about performance can mar your confidence.

Many things in life are static, but you need to recognize that you aren’t. As a human being, you change, learn, improve and grow throughout your life. Your interests, priorities and skills at different stages of life will also tend to change. Of which, there will be some things that you get very good at, while there are some things that you fail to grasp, no matter how hard you try.

Lastly, the most important thing is to add your contact information. Also give instructions if there’s any special situation when you will not be able to contact. Double check your contact information, since any mistake in this area can ruin all the efforts. If you do everything properly, selling you used car through car sales websites should be very convenient.