Father’s Day Gift Ideas For The Dad Who Loves To Travel

Yesterday marked a great day in Colorado BMX. The 21st birthday of Colorado’s #1 pro David ”The Herminator” Herman. Herman out of Wheatridge Colorado is our premier BMX pro athlete. On the scene since he was in elementary school Herman is the rider to beat on the national race circuit.

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Herman’s perfect weekend vanished with three pedals from Upshaw. To say the least David was disappointed with the results. Then out of nowhere comes the little racer who had asked for the jersey. Timing couldn’t have been worse for the Herman fan.David hadn’t even caught his breath yet. As David realized who the racer was he did the only thing a true champion could do.

Overall, the Winnebagos we saw continued to live up to the Winnebago name. Comfy, well though out ideas, something for everyone, and a great way to experience a road trip.