Carolina Dog: Breed Characteristics

Are you worried about your new puppy wandering around the house while youre in bed? Are you concerned that he might destroy some of your furniture or perhaps hurt himself while youre out of the house? Does your puppy make a lot of noise at night because he doesnt feel safe within such a big space?

Unlike traditional fetch toys that are long and awkward, the Go Get It toy is a retractable fetch toy that extends to 26 inches and compacts to only 14 inches. It has a hook that attaches to the dogs leash or to a belt which makes it easy to carry around.

Your puppy should be in his crate when he is not eating, going outside or being played with. As he matures he will be free to come and go more and more on his own.

Hair cut: Canines with increasing locks, generally need locks cut within 2-4 weeks with regards to the type of the pup and the type of haircut. It is better to leave this task over the expert groomer.

Three new toys, called the Go Get It fetch toy, the Soft Bite Floppy Disc, and the BOODA Design Flyer, join the current four categories of Tuff Plush toys. The current categories can be viewed here and include Tuff Plush Cookie Cutters, Tuff Plush Long Friends, Tuff Plush Round Hounds, and Tuff Plush Rug Dogs.

Hopefully you’ll find these steps useful towards the training of your new dog or puppy, and will help you and your american bully pocket ‘s relationship grow into something that is friendly and productive in the long run.

In my experience, boys can never leave any puddle undisturbed, any dirt pile unconquered, any toilet seat down, any rock unflung. They must always be jabbing, poking, stabbing, punching, and teasing one another, as well as moving their lips and making some sort of nondescript noise during their every waking hour.

Be generous with your praise. When a walk goes without a hitch, praise your pup. A praise works better than a treat in that it doesn’t disrupt your pawed pal’s meal patterns, doesn’t upset the animal’s stomach, and goes a long way into helping you forge a bond with your dog.