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Starting a teaching job in a new school district can be a pretty scary experience. No amount of college teaching training and theoretical methods can and will prepare you for all that can happen in the new school year ahead. One of the most important issues a new teacher will encounter is that of classroom management. It is best to know in advance all the rudiments of classroom organization. So what are some of the important aspects of this elusive classroom organization topic?

Schlenger, Sunny & Roesch, Roberta. (1990). How to be organized in spite of yourself: Time and space School management system that works with your personal style. New York: Signet Books.

Financial responsibility? Accountability? Not a chance. Management by crisis is the norm. Waste is the rule. The system uses every trick to take more money from taxpayers in order to enlarge itself. For example, smaller classes means more hiring, not better instruction.

Organize!!! Create filing systems for electronic files, paper, email etc., and always use them. Read and file right away. Create a project Student management system system using an electronic calendar, a “traditional” paper calendar, or project management software. Find something that works for you.

AIM HIGH. You know the sayings: Start tough. Don’t smile until Christmas. It’s easier to get easier. However it is worded, holding your students to high standards is key. Assume every student can adhere to behavior expectations. When students do not, follow up as outlined in your classroom’s and your school’s handbook. Do not waver and do not begin by cutting brakes. Doing either of these things will undermine both the school’s protocol and your authority as a facilitator.

The last school I taught at was a Catholic college. As a sub, I took many Religious Education classes and during some of these the concept of God’s unconditional love came up.

The school is also planning to give a laptop each one of us. Thank god, this will reduce my burden of copying the notes given during my absence in the school. I can just ask my friend to send an e-mail with an attached document consisting the entire day’s work. All I have to do is copy and save the document and my work is done.