Bass Fishing Jigs Are The Secret To Bigger Bass

Is there one lure that will work best for all type of bass fishing? Veterans of this sport fishing will be quick to tell you that it really depends on why the bass is striking the lure. It could be an instant reaction to a foreign object in the water, an attempt to defend their territory against what is seen as a predator or because the fish wants something to eat. It is highly unlikely that the bass would be trying to defend its territory unless you cast out your line near a nest. Therefore, a bright and shiny lure would grab attention, as would one containing food.

When it comes to best fishing lures that mimic live shad the KickTail Minnow is the next lure that must be mentioned. This unique swim bait features a hard head with a soft plastic body that mimics a live shad in an almost unbelievable manner. This bait really looks like a live shad when being retrieved. This bass bait is amazingly realistic under the water.

Worms are one of the best types of bait that you can use for Bass fishing. It doesn’t matter if you choose to use live bait or artificial, the fish can hardly tell the difference. Worms work great because they move and look alive even if they are dead. For starters you could try using worms and seeing if that works for you.

So it stands to reason that this is good place to fish for them. The problem is getting your bait to them. The overhand cast will usually send your soft bait lures to the top of the boat dock, potentially lodging in the boards and such that the dock is made of.

With so many different types of bass lures available it can get frustrating for a beginner to know where to even start. However, there are certain lures that will work great when bass fishing in most any situation. The best advice anyone could receive is to collect several different types of lures in a variety of different colors and sizes.

Buzzbaits are a little like spinnerbaits desingned to be fished on the surface. There are two types, the opposite wire types, with the blade above the hook, and the inline type with everything on one shaft. Excellent for clear water, and pick up less weeds. Again experiment with your working of this bait, twitching and vary speeds to create different noises.

If the walleyes are suspended off the bottom , count your jig for walleye down to different depths after you cast then begin to reel your line in. When you get a strike make sure you remember your count. (I right it down). Then repeat the same count on the next cast.